How to Do It!

The Pilot’s Handbook is an illustrated how-to guide of procedures, operations, communications and reference for all general-aviation pilots and instrument students.

Subtitled The Flight Bag Book, this convenient, cockpit-handy manual features in-depth and specific procedural descriptions intended for reading on the ground, and checklists on heavy tabbed section dividers for use in the air. Hundreds of full-color illustrations illuminate the explanations, and a lie-flat spiral binding allows for folding over or full opening.

  •  Complete illustrated explanations for reading on the ground.
  • Checklists for use in the air.
  • Reference, glossary and detailed index.
  • Small enough to put in your flight bag or leave in the aircraft.
  • Tabbed pages for easy location of sections.
  • Spiral binding allows for full opening.
  • 338 pages, 288 illustrations.

All for less than the price of an hour of ground instruction.